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Aylesford Wheel Refurbishment

Welcome to Smart Wheel Repairs, the destination for alloy wheel repairs in Aylesford. Thinking about moving onto the next car, getting close the end of your lease, or simply looking to repair some wheel damage? Smart Wheel Repairs are just around the corner waiting to give you a hand.

Alloy wheels are no stranger to some damage, and “accidents” do happen. Whether you’ve encountered some gnarly potholes or heard that crunch against the curb, we’ve got your back. We are Smart Wheel Repairs, and we do exactly that.

Opting for alloy wheel refurbishment is the wisest, most cost-efficient way to approach wheel damage, no need to repurchase an expensive new set. We are committed to delivering swift service, aiming to have your wheels—and you—back on the road within just 1-3 days. Get your vehicle looking sharp in no time with Smart Wheel Repairs.


Who are Smart Wheel Repair?

Smart Wheel Repair in Aylesford are your trusted specialists for alloy wheel refurbishment and repair. Our team of experts handle a wide range of alloy wheels, including standard, coloured, and diamond cut options.

Featuring an in-house team of proficient powder coaters and welders, along with a complete bodywork crew, we are committed to delivering services that adhere to the utmost quality standards. Our holistic method ensures your vehicle returns to its original, flawless state, with meticulous attention to every detail.

Where are we?

Smart House, 2 Old Mill Ln, Aylesford ME20 7DT

07889 412652

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Our finishing options include:

Standard Refurbishment

When we refurbish an alloy wheel we make sure the result is outstanding, so if yours are looking a bit tired and scratched call us and we'll give them back polished and beautiful

Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is tricky but we specialise in it, we use a precision lathe to get your wheels looking stunning again, then seal them with a lacquer to finish the look and protect them

Powder Coating

If durability and looks are what you're after, our powder coating delivers. Choose or match your colour and they'll stay looking great for a long time resisting corrosion, heat, and scratches.

Buckle Repairs

Wheel buckles are no match for our technicians, we'll straighten and reshape your wheels using specialised equipment to make them perfectly balanced

Crack Repair

We've got stunning welding techniques to fill and fix cracks in alloy wheels, but it doesn't end there, we finish the job by totally refurbishing and polishing for that showroom look

We make wheel repairs easy

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Small Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART)

We are able to provide SMART wheel repair, it’s a super convenient service that means you don’t lose your car for days on end, read more about the different services we provide below.

What is SMART wheel repair?

Powder coating

Diamond Cutting

And while we fix your wheels we can...

Inspect your vehicle for any bodywork that needs doing, we can quote and complete the work needed while we are fixing your car

Inspect and replace tyres if needed