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What is SMART wheel repair?

SMART repair is an abbreviation for ‘Small, Medium Area Repair Technology,’ which involves restoring a small section of your wheel to its original condition without the need to replace the entire wheel. This service aims to simplify your life and reduce expenses. The SMART Repair services encompass alloy wheel repair, paintwork restoration, as well as addressing minor chips and bumper repairs.

Available SMART repairs include:

Standard Refurbishment

When we rejuvenate an alloy wheel, we ensure the outcome is impeccable. So, if yours appear worn out and scuffed, reach out to us, and we’ll return them to you, shining and splendid.

Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is a meticulous process that skims the surface of the wheel to achieve a shiny finish which then is sealed with a coat of protective lacquer. So, if yours seem dull and lackluster, contact us, and we’ll deliver them gleaming and refined.

Powder Coating

When we apply powder coating to alloy wheels, we prioritize long-lasting durability. Powder coating is a technique that offers a resilient protective layer against wear and tear. If your wheels need a shield against the elements, contact us, and we’ll ensure they stand the test of time.

Buckle Repairs

When we repair buckles in alloy wheels, we emphasize restoring their structural integrity.

Buckling can compromise wheel performance, but our expertise ensures they’re returned to their original strength.

If your wheels have suffered any deformities, we’ll ensure they’re road-ready and resilient once more.

Crack Repairs

When we address crack repairs in alloy wheels, our focus is on ensuring safety and durability.

Cracks can pose significant risks, but with our specialized techniques, we restore the wheel’s integrity.

If your wheels show signs of cracking, contact us, and we’ll make certain they’re as sturdy and reliable as ever.