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Straightening and Welding

Whether it’s a buckle, crack or anything else causing the fault we can make your wheels true, balanced and back to their forma glory

Alloy Wheel Crack Repair:
Seamless Fixes, Every Time!

Why Do Alloy Wheels Crack?

  • Road Hazards: Potholes and debris can be brutal on your wheels.
  • Unexpected Mishaps: Accidents can leave unwanted marks on your alloys.

Spotting the Issue:

Fine lines or visible cracks? It’s time for a check-up.

Our Alloy Wheel Repair Process:

  1. Expert Assessment: We pinpoint the crack’s location.
  2. Precision Repair: Using top-notch materials, we mend the crack flawlessly.
  3. Smooth Finish: We ensure a polished and protected finish.

Trust the Professionals:

Cracked wheels can be a safety concern. Rely on our team for expert care and repair

Alloy Wheel Straightening:
Perfectly Aligned, Every Time!

Why Do Alloy Wheels Bend?

  • Road Rascals: Potholes, curbs, and road debris can throw your wheels out of whack.
  • Unexpected Events: A sudden jolt or accident can lead to bent wheels.

The Signs:

Vibrations while driving or uneven tire wear can hint at a bent wheel. Don’t ignore these signals!

Our Straightening Process:

  1. Detailed Inspection: We assess the extent of the bend.
  2. Precision Straightening: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we restore your wheel’s alignment.
  3. Final Polish: We ensure your wheel looks as good as new, with a smooth finish.

Expertise Matters:

Bent wheels can affect driving safety and tire longevity. Trust our skilled team to set things straight!

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