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Powder coating

We can colour match your existing or you can go for a brand new colour

Our process

Initial inspection, this allows us to find any cracks, buckles, and other flaws in the wheel, it's then balanced

Chemical strip, this removes all the previous coatings to take the wheel back to it's bare metal

Refurbishments, any findings we make in the inspection are completely fixed at this stage

Colour spray, we can perfectly match your previous colour or re-colour to your requirements

Oven curing, we then place the wheel in the oven to cure, this process follows each coating we spray onto the wheel

Metalic spray, once the colour coats have been applied and sured a metalic coat is then used and cured in the same way

Sealing Lacquer, to finish the process a lacquer seal is applied to enhance the look and add a hard protective coating

Final inspection, once all the work is complete we meticulously inspect the wheel to make sure everything is perfect

Tyre replacement, if the tyres were needing to be replaced we can also supply and fit these for you before replacing the wheel/s

How soon could my wheels be repaired?

Our no obligation quote service means you can show us images of your wheels, give us some description such as damage needing attention, we can then assess your best option together with a quote so you have all the information you need to get those wheels looking great again.

We make it easy for you

Our super flexible service means you don't have to organise any journeys to our from our workshop

Drive or be driven -
It's your choice

If you prefer to drive to us we can drop you home and pick you up when it's ready

No time to drive to us? No problem, we'll pick your car up and drop it back to your home when it's finished