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Diamond cut alloy wheel finishing

Precision lathe cutting with lacquered finish

What is a Diamond-Cut Wheel?

  • Precision Process: Your alloy wheel gets a lathe treatment, shaving off paint to reveal a shiny alloy finish.
  • Meticulous Machining: A bit of the alloy is expertly shaved for that dazzling look.
  • Protective Touch: A layer of lacquer is added to fend off corrosion.

Spotting the Diamond Cut:

Look for fine lines from the cutting machine and a glossy shine. But beware! Inferior or aged wheels might not show these signs clearly.

Diamond-cut wheels are all about precision and shine. Know what to look for and ensure your wheels always sparkle!

Are my wheels suitable?

It’s important to note that not all wheels are suitable candidates for diamond cutting, as the feasibility depends on the wheel’s face profile. Your Wheel Specialist technician will provide guidance and inform you whether this process is possible for your specific wheel.

Our no obligation quote service means you can show us images of your wheels, give us some description such as if they have been cut before and how many times, we can then assess your best option together with a quote so you have all the information you need to get those wheels looking great again.

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